Tashan City Kam KIU Aluminium Extrusion Co.,Ltd

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For nearly 24 years Kamkiu has been committed to combining technical expertise with a sound knowledge of the marketplace. We listen to our customers' needs and suggest innovative, yet always functional, solutions. Our value-added service is derived from fully understanding.

Context: The manufacturing or construction blueprint into which our products must fit
Quality: Cost-effective ways in which all quality expectations can be met or surpassed
Reliability: On-time delivery to specifica...

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      • Tashan City Kam KIU Aluminium Extrusion Co.,Ltd
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      • aluminum bar,aluminum pipe,Aluminum ingots,aluminum plate,alloy,Radiator,aluminium section
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      • Shiqian Industrial Park,DaJiang county,Taishan,Guangdong
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      • 529261
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      • 13822308004
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      • 总公司:0750-5438596 苏州办事处:0512-67480639
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      • 0750-5438173
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